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Baby Concerts & Children Concerts

Giving babies their first contact to classical and contemporary music by combining visual effects, lights, and objects, for a musical experience designed to arouse their curiosity.

Sound, light, movement, shapes and textures intermingle in a complete show, which will transport babies along with their parents to a fantastic world. They will find a space to express their emotions, and experience a story told like never before!

Unlike a regular classical music concert, children enjoy an environment where they can actively participate in the show and give free rein to the imagination.
Our musicians are expert pedagogues and regular collaborators with the most prestigious orchestras in Europe such as Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Deutsche Oper Berlin, and Konzerthausorchester Berlin.


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China Tour 2019


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Meet the

IMAGINAria  team


Hugo Rodriguez Herrero

Through all his different musical activities, clarinetist Hugo Rodríguez seeks the opportunity to communicate above all else, both in performance and in teaching.

Hugo began studying the clarinet at age 8 at the Joaquin Turina conservatoire in his native city of Madrid, while also learning the “Banda” tradition as part of “La Lira” in Pozuelo de Alarcón. He obtained a a diploma in clarinet from the Salamanca Conservatoire while beginning his orchestral training with JORCAM (the Youth Orchestra of Madrid) and studying music pedagogy at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

From 2007-2011 he pursued further studies in Weimar, Germany, with the clarinetist Martin Spangenberg, while continuing his orchestral training with the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie (of which he was a member for 6 years) and as a substitute with the Jenaer Philharmoniker.

Since then he has continued to be an active orchestral clarinetist, being part of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin Academy for two years (his first professional position performing on the German clarinet system), followed by contracts and collaborations with multiple different orchestras, including the Kammerakademie Potsdam, Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, the Vogtland Philharmonic, the Kammerphil. Bremen and the Berliner Symphoniker, as well as orchestras in France and Spain.

However, his greatest passion is for chamber music, where he finds it possible to experience the strongest connections between music, performers and audience. He began to discover this passion thanks to a scholarship from the Villa-Musica Rheinland Pfalz Foundation, which enabled him to share a stage with multiple different instrumentalists and international soloists over a four-year period. These experiences provided the motivation to found chamber ensembles such as the 5Beaufort wind quintet or the Ad Hoc Trio for clarinet, violin and piano.

He has also performed numerous concerts supported by a scholarship from the Yehudi Menuhin Live-music-now Foundation, whose task is to bring chamber music closer to places such as schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

These activities in the field of chamber music led him to later study a Master's degree in chamber music with the Artemis string quartet at the University of the Arts in Berlin and participate in some of the most important chamber music competitions such as the ARD of Munich for wind quintets in 2014, international chamber music competition of Chieri Italia 2013 (1st Prize), Cours et Concours Villa-Musica, Germany 2010 (1st Prize), International Cofrentes Competition, Spain 2016 (1st Prize) and to constitute what is the base of his professional activity at present with the Axon Trio and the Neros Ensemble among others.

Hugo has a particular interest in contemporary music, and the stimulus that arises from seeking out new musical languages and innovative forms of expression and technique. As a member of the Ibero-American Weimar Ensemble, and as a regular guest with multiple different contemporary music ensembles in Germany, he has performed at some of the most prominent festivals in the country, including Acht Brücken (Cologne), Märzmusik (Berlin), Impuls (Dessau), Unerhörte Musik (Berlin), Via Nova (Weimar), and Ultraschall (Berlin).

Alongside performance, much of his time is dedicated to educational projects, teaching clarinet at the Shostakovich Conservatoire of Lichtenberg (Berlin), and teaching masterclasses and with youth ensembles and festivals in countries including Spain, Germany, Russia, Lebanon, China, India, and Peru


Franka Herwig

Franka Herwig, born in Berlin in 1984, studies accordion under Margit Kern, Gerhard Scherer and Max Bonnay , she received her diploma as a concert musician.

Franka Herwig, born in Berlin in 1984, studies accordion under Margit Kern ( Bremen), Gerhard Scherer ( Berlin) and Max Bonnay ( Paris), she received her diploma as a concert musician.
A number of prizes and scholarships supported her musical developpement. She was awarded first prize Bundeswettbewerb Jugend musiziert, and got the sholarship of Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. As well she was awarded 2.prize in international competition for composition in Adelboden/Switzerland in 2018.
As a soloist and chamber musician Franka Herwig tours all over the world and plays in most European countries as well as the USA, China and South Corea.
Since 2014 Franka Herwig is regulary playing with Camerata Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (Amsterdam). As well she is a resident member of Ensemble Mini since 2010 (Berlin) and Alma Mahler Kammerorchester since 2017 (Paris).

Alessandro Maggioni

Alessandro is an artist and designer who loves to bring his poetic approach to every narrative and audiovisual interaction or performance he produces.

Alessandro is an artist and designer who loves to bring his poetic approach to every narrative and audiovisual interaction or performance he produces. His interest in the potential of analogue media in digital culture lead him to explore the world of handmade paper-craft and stop-motion animation, and to share this knowledge with younger generations, through workshops given in kindergartens, schools and media festivals.
He has spent the last ten years curating the art-direction for kids-related projects, like developing new interfaces for kids’ tablets, making illustrations for kindergarten, creating immersive installations in museums.
In 2016 he founded the studio BadaboomBerlin with Daniel Huber, creating collaborative, playful interactive artworks for museums like Bauhaus Dessau, Grassimuseum Leipzig and Humboldt Forum Berlin. In 2017 the studio is awarded with the title “Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland”

We first met at

Deutsche Oper Berlin

..after working for several years in the classical music and art scene for kids.
In 2017, together with the Young Deutsche Oper team, we gave life to the very first baby concert with objects and projections, fascinating Berlin families and starting a new generation of young music listeners.
In 2020 IMAGINAria became awardee with the RELOAD funding program by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Ready to let kids´ imagination fly free?